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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anadolu Ateşi - Fire of Anatolia

Turkey - Anadolu Atesi - Sultans Of The Dance

The Fire of Anatolia

The Fire of Anatolia also known as Sultans of the Dance are performing at Eurovision 2004 Song Contest Turkey. It starts with belly dance and ends with a folk dance which called "horon" from the black sea region of Turkey. UUUYyyyyyyy :))You can also hear some Turkish instruments such as; zurna, kemence(kemenche, an instrument like violin), tulum(bagpipe)...

Sultans of the Dance también conocido como The Fire of Anatolia se está realizando en Eurovision Song Contest 2004 en Turquia. Usted puede también oír algunos instrumentos turcos por ejemplo; tulum, el zurna, kemence(un instrumento gusto del violín).

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chinese super beautiful modern dance

By Sichuang dance academy,1st prize in Taoli cup,amazingly beautiful,very elegant

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Bellyqueen: The Bellydance Experience

Bellyqueen Dance Theater is a professional world dance company based in New York city directed by Kaeshi Chai, and co-founded by Amar Gamal. The Bellyqueen dance repertoire includes bellydancing in it's traditional "Raks Sharqi" format, as well as Middle-Eastern dance blended with other styles such as Hip-Hop, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Gypsy, Flamenco, Chinese, Afro-Haitian and Tribal.

Bellyqueen brings together cutting-edge choreographies with breakthrough music to create a highly memorable experience. With something for everyone, these dances encompass a wide variety of styles performed by innovative and talented artists from diverse backgrounds. With their beautiful interpretations and stunning costumes, Bellyqueen presents "The Bellydance Experience."

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On Pointe Dance Team | Fall Out Dance Competition

What I Have To Do - Lyrical Solo

Lyrical solo by Kaitlyn Conley.

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